Getting a Mommy Makeover

Having and raising children is a blessing, as mothers can clearly attest. All moms deserve to wear that ‘mommy badge’ wholeheartedly and with pride! However, mothers know the tremendous changes their bodies go through during the conception, carrying and birthing process. Whether a mom chooses to deliver naturally, or via C-section surgeries, scars and stretch marks come with the territory.

Let’s take a closer look into some of the changes a woman’s body goes through as she moves from pregnancy to birth.
• Hormones guide your emotional vulnerability, mood swings, your state of activity or lethargy, your weight and metabolism as your body prepares for a growing fetus.
• Breasts start to grow, sometimes disproportionately, and are tender to the touch.
• Morning sickness kicks in and you’re suddenly nauseated by the sight and smell of tuna! Improper nutrition before delivery reduces the tensile strength of your muscles to snap back into shape later.
• Skin starts to stretch, and develop marks at the back of your knees, around your thickening hips and thighs. Acne and breakouts are common and may last for months after delivery.
• Your caloric intake doubles because you’re eating for two. So you start gaining weight all over your body. Some women may find shedding weight in certain areas quite challenging after pregnancy.
• If you’ve received fertility assistance or if you’ve had complications such as tube pregnancies, not only do your uterine walls expand, but your fallopian tubes are also under duress. These could cause abnormal cramping and stretching, which may require intrusive medical care.
• Post childbirth, pelvic and abdomen muscles may sag owing to the expansion, stretching and pushing at delivery.

Once your body has had some time to relax after the enormous amount of work it has just done, you begin to see some changes that are of a more ‘permanent’ nature. Returning your body to its youthful pre-pregnancy days is something moms desire. In fact, most chatter at social gatherings with new moms tend to focus on the ‘glory days’ before the baby came along. Reverting your body’s changes is possible and tangible through a combination of medical procedures commonly dubbed as ‘Mommy Makeovers’. The results of a mommy makeover can leave you feeling more confident about yourself. And a healthy body image promotes positivity that will radiate to your baby and your family.

Addressing apprehension:
It’s natural for mothers, (especially first-time moms) to be a little wary about going through a makeover procedure. Opting for cosmetic surgery may seem a little ‘too soon’ or a little ‘too much’ at the time. These apprehensions are quite common and addressed through meeting with your doctors and reputed plastic surgeons. Here are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself before considering any procedures.

– How soon after a pregnancy should I opt for a makeover?
– What if we want to have more babies? Will that reverse the effects of my makeover surgery?
– What do I want to change the way I look now?
– What are the best hospitals and care centers that provide these services?
– Will I get emotional support from my doctors and caregivers before, during and after my surgery?
– Will the surgery work for me? Will it leave scars and suture marks?
– What kind of finances should I keep in the baseline?

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In addition to these, reach out to your well-wishers for guidance and assistance. A loving support group who want the best for you, is implicit when you make that decision to reclaim your pre-baby flat belly or taut thighs. Many doctors recommend discussion groups and forums where mothers who have received mommy makeovers, share their experiences, provide encouragement and even share tips.

Common procedures to consider:–
When you’ve had a discussion with your doctor and decided on the problem areas you wish to target, you have a list of procedures that could work for you. Procedures could be,

Liposuction: Performed under general anesthesia, it involves inserting a cannula into lipid deposition areas to suck out fat. Liposuction helps reduce the look of love handles and tummy rolls. Targeted areas could be thighs, arms, hips.

Breast implant, augmentation or reduction: Depending on how you want your breasts to appear, any one of these procedures may be recommended for you. In the case of augmentation or implants, sagging skin is lifted and tightened. For those suffering from large breasts which can cause spinal issues if not addressed, key-hole breast reduction surgery brings down breast size and provides some much-needed relief.

Tummy tuck: This procedure mostly targets the lower abdominal areas. The appearance of paunchy fat known as ‘pooch’ is reduced by targeting and removing excess skin, fat cells.

Benefits realized:
The most rewarding benefit that any cosmetic procedure gives you is a boost to your confidence and a better attitude to life. In procedures such as breast reduction, health benefits are immense. The stress on your back and spine is reduced which improves your posture and gait. Mommy makeovers give you the best of both worlds, i.e. having the experience of being a mother, as well as having your glow and slender body back in those swimsuits you feared you might not get to wear again.